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Elias Toubassi Research/High Impact Experience Award for Undergraduates in Mathematical Sciences


The seed funding for this endowment is provided by Elias Toubassi, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at The University of Arizona.

Elias Toubassi earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Lehigh University in 1970 and became a mathematics professor at the University, where he served for 37 years. Throughout his career at the University, Elias Toubassi pioneered and supported a number of innovative initiatives aimed at improving the conditions for students to embrace and succeed in mathematics. He received a number of grants including two multi-year awards from the National Science Foundation and a FIPSE grant from the Department of Education. The grants were aimed at training programs for K-12 teachers and students in the Tucson area.

One of Elias Toubassi’s most notable legacies was the highly valued and critically impactful Teaching Co-Op Program—an exchange of college instructors and high school teachers effectively designed to demystify and streamline the high school to university transition in the Tucson area. During his 30-year tenure as Associate Head for Entry-Level courses, Elias Toubassi also led other grant-funded and University-sponsored efforts, including the Teaching Postdoctoral Fellows Program launched in the 1990’s. Both the Co-Op Program and the Teaching Post-Doc Program served as national models for similar efforts. After retiring—through two endowed scholarships—Elias Toubassi has continued to recognize the value of mathematics teaching and learning for students in general, and mathematics undergraduate majors in particular, including prospective high school teachers.

Application Information

Frequency: Once a year
Amount: $1000 minimum per awardee
Application Period: Fall

The Elias Toubassi Research/High Impact Experience Award for Undergraduates in Mathematical Sciences recognizes that excellence in the mathematical sciences requires access to high impact opportunities to engage with mathematics and mathematics education subject matter deeply and independently, as researchers often do. 

To encourage undergraduates to seek out and participate in these high impact opportunities, the Award offers $1000 (minimum) in funding per awardee, and requires that the awardee share about their experience with other undergraduates. We anticipate that this will usually take place at the end of spring semester. The Math Center and your faculty mentor will help provide guidance in complying with the requirements.

In order to apply for consideration, students should have a project in mind, though we understand that you may not have complete details yet.

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In addition to the online application online form (see the Apply button when the application is open), applicants must submit a current resume to by the deadline. Resources for resume writing are available from the Career Center:


  • Major: Mathematics, Mathematics Education, or Statistics & Data Science
  • Citizenship/Residency: none specified
  • GPA: none specified


Past Recipients