The University of Arizona

David Lovelock Award for Innovation in Education


This faculty/staff award recognizes and rewards innovation and creativity in undergraduate mathematics education and experiences for undergraduates.  Examples include new ways of teaching old subjects, synergistic relationships with client disciplines via course development, projects that contribute in a novel way to the learning of mathematics, and other ideas not yet imagined.


The Lovelock award was established through an endowement in 2003, in honor of David Lovelock's retirement after 30 years of service to the Department of Mathematics, and as a testament to his remarkable contributions to the University of Arizona, the department, and the community. 

Award Recipients

  • 2022: Jennifer Wolfe
  • 2020: Rob Indik
  • 2016: Jason Aubrey
  • 2014: Cody Patterson
  • 2008: Joe Watkins
  • 2006: Joceline Lega

More about David Lovelock's academic career and contributions appears in the Mathematics Fall 2003 Newsletter.

Application Information

Eligibility: Mathematics faculty and staff
Frequency: Every two years, on average
Amount: $1,000 (minimum)


Award eligibility is open to all faculty and staff in the Mathematics family, including tenured, non-tenured and adjunct faculty members. In some cases, the award can be shared between mathematicians and colleagues from other disciplines whose participation in the activity was considered critical to its success.

The faculty awards committee will solicit nominations and selected an award recipients in Spring. Nominations may be put forth at any time.

Nominations should describe, in no more than five pages, novel ideas and imaginative approaches, as well as their successfuli mplementation. novel ideas and imaginative approaches, as well as their successful implementation.  Nominations should include nominee's CV and any other documentation relevant to the case. When appropriate, the award may be shared.