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Past Departmental Award Recipients

Department of Mathematics Scholarships and Awards

Outstanding Graduating Senior Award

Two awards are made each year, one for December commencement (for students who graduated over the summer in the fall semester) and the other for May commencement (for students graduating in the spring semester). Each semester, the department's selection for Outstanding Graduating Senior in Mathematics is then forwarded to the College of Science for consideration for the College of Science Outstanding Graduating Senior Award.

Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award

During the spring semester, the Undergraduate Committee (UGC) selects a mathematics major (who will be graduating during that academic year) for Excellence in Undergraduate Research in Mathematics. The department's selection for Excellence in Undergraduate Research in Mathematics is then forwarded to the College of Science for consideration for the College of Science Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award.

Toubassi Award

Selected by the UGC in honor of Emeritus Professor of Mathematics Elias Toubassi. Recipients are excellent graduating students applying to graduate programs in the mathematical sciences. The recipients' PhD programs are listed.

The Emeritus Faculty Award for Academic Excellence

Marianne Cooke Johnsen Scholarship supporting women in mathematics

Late in 2009, the Department of Mathematics received notification of a new endowment for a scholarship in Mathematics. The Marianne Cooke Johnsen Endowment was created by Melissa Johnsen and Randy Johnsen in honor of their mother. Marianne earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Arizona in 1948, but it was her love of mathematics and teaching that inspired many students over her 30 year career. After a move to the San Francisco Bay area with her family, Marianne began working as an elementary school teacher in the Palo Alto school district. She was chosen to develop, implement and manage a successful program for gifted students. Cooke Johnsen went on to become a mathematics consultant for the district of 17,000 students. During this time, she authored five mathematics text books used by the district, primarily for children from 3rd to 6th grades.

Students interested in applying for this scholarship must be entering their Junior year (submission of application should occur at the conclusion of the Sophomore year), a declared Mathematics or Mathematics Education Major, female, and have a minimum 3.0 GPA. In addition, applicants are asked to submit an essay along with their application. The essay, of 500 words or less, should address:

  1. Why I chose to be a Mathematics or Mathematics Education Major
  2. How I will use my degree upon graduation from the University of Arizona

The essay, which should focus on how the applicant wants to positively impact society, will be reviewed by the Undergraduate Committee or by a Scholarship Committee designated by the Department Head. They will also be included in the annual Johnsen Family newsletter and will be distributed to donors and friends of the Marianne Cooke Johnsen Endowment in Mathematics.

LUSK (Harry W. and Janet Sine) Scholarship Award

The Lusk Award was established by Dr. Duncan Buell in 1985 in honor of his grandparents. Harry and Janet Lusk graduated from The University of Arizona in 1912 and 1911, respectively. Their three children also graduated from the UA, making theirs the first family all of whose members were UA graduates. Dr. Buell, grandson of Harry and Janet, continued the tradition by receiving a B.S. in Mathematics from the UA in 1971. He subsequently received a M.A. (University of Michigan) and a Ph.D. (University of Illinois), both in mathematics.

Richard Pierce Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to outstanding students majoring in Mathematics. This award was endowed by family and friends of our late Professor, Richard "Dick" Pierce, who was a member of the Mathematics Department from 1975-1990. Professor Pierce enriched the lives of his colleagues and graduate students, and especially of the undergraduates in the department. He was a valuable mentor to numerous young mathematicians.

Rick Peet Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to outstanding students majoring in Mathematics. The Peet Memorial Award was established in 1992 by friends and family of Rick Peet, who had been an undergraduate in the Mathematics program and, but for his unforeseen death in 1990, would have entered the department's graduate program. Rick was a typical mathematics major in that he was also a talented athlete and musician, and he believed deeply in the social value of advanced study in the sciences.

Roy Graesser Foundation Scholarship

Awarded to outstanding students majoring in Mathematics. Must be AZ resident. The longest standing award, named for Roy F. Graesser, who was Head of the Mathematics Department in the 1940s and 50s. Emeritus Professor Art Steinbrenner recalled Graesser as a gentle and considerate individual who lived simply, despite having the means to endow a substantial foundation after his death.

Goodwin (Elaine and Glenn) Scholarship Award

Selected by the UGC. For students majoring in Mathematics. Must be Arizona resident: Generous contributions were made to establish this scholarship by family and friends of the Goodwins. Elaine was a children's librarian in Tucson and Glen was a former NASA scientist and innovator in heat transfer research. They both shared a love of mathematics, a love of life, and a true love for each other.

Jackson (Durward P. and Alice) Award

Selected by the UGC. For students majoring in Mathematics. Must have at least a 3.0 GPA and be Pell Grant eligible: Dr. Durward Jackson received his BS in Aerospace Engineering in 1964 from The University of Arizona, and subsequently earned a Master of Engineering Administration from the University of Utah and his Ph.D. in Executive Management from the Claremont Graduate University.

Math Ed Scholarship Award

The Mathematics Educations Scholarships were awarded to support and encourage mathematics majors to become secondary education mathematics teachers. This award is no longer being offered. The following students are former award recipients.