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Through our advising services, we do our best to help students develop a program of study suited to their career goals. For more specific information on finding a job upon graduation, students avail themselves of the extensive services and resources provided the UA office of Student Engagement and Career Development.

The College of Science also has a Career Office dedicated to helping students in our College with your career development needs! 

Some of the types of jobs or career paths of math majors are described on our Careers in Mathematics page. Information on specific careers of some of our graduates appears in our Alumni Early Career Profiles page.  

We try to maintain listings of jobs and job search tools, divided into two categories:

When potential employers looking to recruit UA math or SDS majors contact the Math Center, we send those notices in the weekly news email to the math and SDS major listservs. If you are a declared major, you should receive these emails generally on Mondays during the school year. Check your spam folder for mail from if you are not receiving them.

Graduate Studies

While an undergraduate degree is sufficient preparation for many jobs, others require an advanced degree, either in one of the mathematical sciences or some other field. In the mathematical sciences in particular, it is common for graduate students to receive funding from teaching or research assistantships to pay for their tuition.  

Students planning to attend graduate school need to plan ahead; many programs expect students to have completed specific course work, and may also require entrance examinations like the GRE.  Please read our information about preparing for graduate programs in the mathematical sciences and talk to your advisor along the way if you may be interested in graduate studies.  

The Math Center maintains a list of some graduate programs in the mathematical sciences; we hope the links provided will be useful to you as you research programs and their entrance requirements.

Resumes and Letters of Recommendation

We encourage all Math majors to create and maintain a resume.  Please see our sample resume, available in several formats below:

You are welcome to download the sample and adapt it to your own use.  Note that the UA office of Student Engagement and Career Development provides resume checks among their many services.

Students should begin seeking experiences to add to their resume as early in their undergraduate career as possible.  Employers and graduate programs like to see things like Undergraduate Research Assistantships, Undergraduate Teaching Assistantships, Internships, and REUs.  

At some point, you will also need letters of recommendation; see our 6 tips for requesting letters of recommendation before you talk to professors.