The University of Arizona

University Employment and Internship Opportunities for Undergraduates

Opportunities within the Department of Mathematics

Research Opportunities

Our Undergraduate Research Assistant (URA) program provides opportunities to earn credit or money while engaging in research. You might furthermore have an opportunity to present your research at a conference such as SUnMaRC.  Paid opportunities are typically dependent on the faculty member's grant funding.

Teaching Opportunities

Our Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) programs provides opportunities to earn money and credit while engaging in teaching-related activites.

Tutoring Jobs

The Center for Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers offers an opportunity to observe dynamic teaching, attend tutor preparation classes for a credit, and tutor middle and high school students for pay.

Other locations on campus that offer tutoring services might also have job opportunities. For a current listing, see the math department tutoring page.

Opportunities at The University of Arizona

Many research-related and teaching-related opportunities exist on the UA campus. Looking for a place to start? The University of Arizona Office of Undergraduate Research website has information about how to get started and will help you connect with projects in your area of interest.


To learn more, please visit the Tech.Global home page.

Undergraduate Biology Research Program

To learn more, please visit the Undergraduate Biology Research Program website.

UA NASA Space Grant Program

To learn more, please visit the UA NASA Space Grant program website.

UA Summer Research Institute

This program, although run by the UA Graduate College, offers opportunities for undergraduate students. To learn more, please visit the Summer Research Institute website.

Teaching Teams Program

The primary goal of the Teaching Teams Program (TTP) is to improve learning on the campus of the University of Arizona. They do this through the creation of a Teaching Team which includes Instructors, Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA's), and student peer assistants. These student peer assistants are called Preceptors. To learn more about becoming a Preceptor, see the Teaching Teams Program website.

UA Career Services

Besides offering job placement help for current UA students and alumni, UA Career Services also assists current UA students in finding and landing internships and other career-related experiences.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium (UROC)

The Graduate College offers undergraduate research opportunities in the summer and during the year to help you prepare for the rigors of graduate school. See the Graduate College website for details and availability.