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Modeling the Dynamics of Cdc42 Oscillation in Fission Yeast

Quantitative Biology Colloquium

Modeling the Dynamics of Cdc42 Oscillation in Fission Yeast
Series: Quantitative Biology Colloquium
Location: Hybrid, Math 402/Online
Presenter: Alexandra Jilkine, Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics, Notre Dame University


Cell polarization occurs in various types of cells during intracellular processes such as cell growth and movement. During cell polarization, the signaling molecule Cdc42 becomes localized at one or multiple polarity sites. Recent experimental findings observe spatiotemporal oscillations of Cdc42 in fission yeast. To explore the underlying mechanism for oscillations and the effect of diffusion and noise, we consider three model frameworks including a 1D deterministic model,  a 2D deterministic model, and a stochastic model. We simulate and analyze these models using numerical bifurcation tools, PDEs, and stochastic simulation algorithms.


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