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Service and Outreach Activities

Outreach for the general public

Duncan Buell Everything Is Mathematics Public Lectures

This endowed lecture series focuses on illustrating research done by UA math and statistics faculty here in Tucson to the general public.  Made possible through a generous endowment from UA alumnus and Computer Science professor Duncan Buell, the series was inaugurated in the Fall 2017. 

Find out more and view past lectures here.


Leadership Tools Series: Statistics For Decision Makers

This series will focus on skills decision makers need to make sound judgments based on data.  The role of data has become increasingly important and this session will introduce key concepts that shape data interpretation.

Leadership Tools Series

View past lectures here:

Statistics For Decision Makers- Video Part 1, 2, 3

Conference on Redistricting, October 5-6, 2018

Congressional and legislative district boundaries are being hotly debated in many states, with three cases before the US Supreme Court this term and more likely on the horizon. This interdisciplinary conference on redistricting, will highlight the legal challenges, the contributions of mathematicians and political scientists, and the policy implications of redistricting. The conference is free and open to the public, who are welcomed to a discussion of issues that affect the citizens of every state.  RSVP and read more here.


Daniel Bartlett Memorial Lecture

This endowed annual lecture for the general public is delivered by invited, well-known mathematicians who are skill at communicating exciting aspect of mathematics to the public.  This lecture honors the memory of Daniel Bartlett, a UA mathematics graduate student whose life was cut short in 2006. Lecture information can be found here.

Daniel Bartlett Memorial Lecture

Bartlett lecture 2010: The Fourth Dimension and Salvador Dali

Mathematical Science Cafes

Mathematical Science Cafés, part of the larger College of Science UA Café Series, offer the Tucson community a window into questions tackled by local UA mathematicians and statisticians. Mathematics Science Cafe topics/information can be found here.

Outreach for K-12 educators, students and undergraduates

Workshops/Professional Development for K-12 Educators

Outreach programs for Undergraduates

Outreach Activities

Programs for Local Middle and High-School Students

A variety of outreach programs are offered by the Department of Mathematics. These programs include:

Other Activities

Math Instruction Colloquium

Held weekly in conjunction with the Entry Level Colloquium, this colloquium touches on a number of topics of interest to math teachers. We encourage and invite teachers in the local community to participate.

Mathematics Awareness Week

One week each April, our department organizes a number of events, geared for a general audience, in conjunction with the theme of that year's national Mathematics Awareness Month.