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Please note that this project is no longer active.

Math and Parent Partners (MAPPS)

Project Website: Math and Parent Partners (MAPPS)

Math and Parent Partners (MAPPS)

The MAPPS program is geared towards parents of children in grades K-12. By utilizing visual tools and hands-on materials, parents work in a relaxed, cooperative setting to solve math problems.

By partnering with MAPPS, the parents begin to understand the importance of mathematics to their children's future, become familiar with new changes in teaching mathematics and ultimately realize that both they and their children can be successful learning math.

For many parents, the anxiety of math melts away as they begin to understand that they too can do math. With their new self-confidence and math skills, they begin to share with their children. As families begin to do math together, children's compentencies are improved and the broader community embraces mathematics as something everyone can do and enjoy.

MAPPS Programs are now in place in 12 districts in 9 states around the country. In a single year at a typical site, over 2300 parent-hours were logged in different MAPPS activities. Parents who participated in MAPPS Programs reported that they:

  • Feel good about "going back to school"
  • Experience new, liberating styles of learning mathematics
  • Acquire new ways to help their kids with math
  • Have changed the dynamics for learning math with their families
  • Look forward to getting together with other parents to do mathematics

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