Updated: August 14, 2018



Student Information


– Student must have a current and eligible math placement code to register for this class.  If you are not sure, check in “Next step”, your UAccess under transfer credit or with the math department.


    For those students wanting to add this course. 

Students need to add themselves using UAccess which is open until the end of the first week of class.  After that time check with the instructor.



Instructor Fall 2018

click on name to go to their website           email


Debra Wood                       dlwood@math.arizona.edu






What Book is Required?

The course uses: Excursions in Modern Mathematics, 4th  Custom Edition for the University of Arizona by Peter Tannenbaum.  This course uses an on-line homework assignment software that is called MyMathLab.  The electronic text comes with this software package.

      Options on purchasing the book

1.  You may purchase a new book through the UA bookstore.  A new book comes with Mymathlab access code.  The cost is about $150

         2.  Purchasing an electronic text.   You can purchase Mymathlab, through Pearson website.   Information will be given in class.  When you purchase MyMathLab for the course, the electronic text is included.  This cost is around $105.

         3.  Student may buy the 8th edition of Peter Tannenbaum, Excursions in Modern Mathematics.  The student then will need to purchase the MyMathLab access code in addition to the book. See price above #2.

4.  If you purchase a used book you will still need to purchase MyMathLab, see #2.  


*Mymathlab is an on-line grading system.  This allows students to check their understanding immediately.