Dr. Richard B. Thompson
Department of Mathematics
University of Arizona
  Dr. Christopher G. Lamoureux
Department of Finance
University of Arizona

Business Mathematics I and II are designed specifically for students majoring in business. They are the result of extensive collaboration between faculty members from the College of Business and Public Administration and from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Arizona. The courses are the foundation for business core courses, showing you how to apply the language of mathematics to business problems, and how to use computers to help you do mathematics. The content, method of instruction, and computer software in this course are all carefully selected to prepare you for the job market and for your future career in business. Top priority is given to the qualities that are desired by corporate recruiters. These include communication skills, creative problem solving skills, and the ability to work in teams.

Each course is centered around two significant business problems and the tools, both mathematical and computer based, that are needed for their solutions. You will use the spreadsheet package Excel to assist you with the mathematics and with the presentation of your results. After the description of each project, teams of students will make initial reports, indicating how they would attempt to solve the problem. These reports will be based upon common sense and past business experience. For several weeks after the initial reports, you will learn mathematical tools and computer skills that can be applied to the business case study. While working on these, you will complete and hand in homework assignments.

Using the new tools, each team will develop its final analysis of the projects and prepare both written and oral reports on their solutions. Student presentations will be given in the current business style, using computer projection and PowerPoint.

Class meetings will be used for presentation of the projects, discussion of the tools for their solutions, student activities, team reports, and instructor comments on the solutions.

You will use a computer text and its associated links to study the needed material. This may be done on any personal computer that is equipped with Microsoft Office 97 or 2000 and either an IOMEGA ZIP drive or a link to the World Wide Web.

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