A Photos of The Enigma Machine

On loan from the Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik. Pictures by Morton Swimmer.

.The box closed, from the front. (60K).Details of the plug holders. (64K)
.The box closed, from the top right-hand corner. (62K).The reflector, the rotors and the power connectors uncovered. (63K)
.The box, detail: the lock. (61K).Closer view of the reflector and the rotors. (61K)
.The box, detail: the handle. (57K).Removing the rotors. (65K)
.The entire machine. (42K).The reflector. (46K)
.A patch cable. (30K).More details. (46K)
.A patch cable, detail: the plug. (54K).The advancing mechanism. (56K)
.The patch panel. (48K).The advancing mechanism engaged. (61K)
.Keyboard and light panel. (59K).The three rotors and the axle. (52K)
.Rotors from outside and power connections. (46K).Detail of rotor. (34K)
.Rotors in greater detail. (58K).Detail of rotor. (41K)
.Removing the light panel. (62K).Detail of rotor. (33K)
.Lifting the rotor panel. (71K).Detail of rotor: contacts. (67K)
.The inside of the rotor panel. (53K).Two rotors together. (53K)

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