The G-TEAMS Extension

The G-TEAMS extension, which builds on five years of G-TEAMS activities, is part of a vision for the future of graduate education, in which graduate students routinely engage in K-12 outreach and have the ability to effectively communicate the excitement of mathematical science to the public.

This project took shape during extended discussions with the 2013-14 cohort of G-TEAMS fellows, on possible ways of continuing G-TEAMS activities beyond the period of support from the National Science Foundation. The main objective was to formulate an approach conducive to long term sustainability and institutionalization.

The model that emerged is described below. It provides support for graduate students who spend the equivalent of one day per month in a K-12 school. The potential impact is significant: assuming a teacher teaches 5 classes of 25 students per day, one graduate student working with one teacher can impact more than 100 students every year!

Examples of Possible Collaborations

The activities listed below were suggested by current G-TEAMS fellows and their teacher partners. Other types of teacher/fellow collaborations will be considered and suggestions are welcome.

Benefits to Graduate Students and to the K-12 Community


This project relies on a solid network of teacher and school partners, which was formed during the 5 years of existence of the G-TEAMS program. Educational resources assembled for G-TEAMS participants are also available. But most importantly, the G-TEAMS Extension is a program developed for graduate students by graduate students.

We are working on institutionalizing funding for this program. It is expected that, as the G-TEAMS Extension grows and becomes well established, a diverse range of sources of support will become available to participants.

Application Process


We are very grateful to the following entities for their support.

If you would like to contribute to our efforts, please fill out our online donation form and type "G-TEAMS Extension" in the Comments field. Donations will be used toward supporting graduate students, unless indicated otherwise by the donor. Thank you!

For More Information

If you need further information or have any questions about the G-TEAMS extension, please contact Joceline Lega at lega@math.arizona.edu.

Special thanks go to Colin Clark and Alex Young for their assistance in developing these pages.