Fellow and Teacher Application Information

Prospective Fellows

Program Overview

G-TEAMS (Graduate Students and Teachers Engaging in Mathematical Sciences) is a fellowship program that pairs University of Arizona graduate students with mathematics K-12 teachers and their students. Funded by the National Science Foundation, the program provides an innovative and dynamic opportunity for graduate students and teacher partners to collaborate on the development of novel, rigorous and relevant material for K-12 mathematics courses.

The program funds one-year partnerships between fellows and teachers, each sharing different perspectives and expertise. An overarching theme of the G-TEAMS activities is to promote the understanding of mathematical concepts and their applications to practical and realistic settings, by means of a variety of resources, such as simulations, modeling, and hands-on and problem-solving activities.

By participating in the program, fellows learn how to communicate mathematical ideas to diverse audiences and to incorporate their research into K-12 learning; they become familiar with a variety of teaching techniques; and they increase their understanding of K-12 educational issues. Teacher partners are involved in professional development workshops and appreciate how mathematical concepts may be applied to a variety of situations. K-12 students learn about the wide variety of possibilities offered by STEM disciplines by interacting with individuals who are planning a career in the Mathematical Sciences.



Eligibility Requirements

How to Apply

  1. Please fill out the G-TEAMS Graduate Fellowship Application Form. You will be asked to upload the following materials, as a single PDF file, as part of your application.
    1. A current resumé or CV (maximum length: 2 pages), including information on your mathematics background and research work.
    2. A written statement (maximum length: 1 page) that addresses your interest in K-12 outreach and/or education and explains how a G-TEAMS fellowship would complement your development as a mathematical scientist and educator. If you have any previous formal or informal teaching experience or experience working with children, please describe these activities as well.
    3. A written description of your research interests in non-technical terms, and a list of ideas for communicating them to school children (maximum length: 1 page). Imagine you are talking to a student in the particular K-12 grade level you would like to work with as a G-TEAMS fellow. Explain your general research goals and why you enjoy being a mathematical scientist. Write your answer using words and concepts that will be understandable and interesting to the student. Please note that the description of your research interests may be shared with your teacher partner(s).
    4. A UA graduate transcript (an unofficial copy is fine).
  2. Arrange for two letters of recommendation, including one from your graduate advisor, to be sent directly to Alejandra Gaona (520-626-6145, agaona@math.arizona.edu), either by email, or at the following address.
    G-TEAMS Graduate Application
    Alejandra Gaona
    Institute for Mathematics & Education
    Department of Mathematics
    University of Arizona
    617 N. Santa Rita
    Tucson, AZ 85721
    The letter from your advisor should be attached to the Fellow Signature Page. Please have this form signed by your graduate chair before giving it to your graduate advisor.

Important Dates


If you have any questions about the G-TEAMS program and/or application process, please contact Joceline Lega (520-621-4350, lega@math.arizona.edu). Thank you.