G-TEAMS 2009

G-TEAMS (Graduate Students and Teachers Engaging in Mathematical Sciences) is a 5-year, $2.95 M, NSF-funded Graduate STEM fellows in K-12 Education program that pairs University of Arizona applied mathematics, mathematics, and statistics graduate students with K-12 teachers and their students.

The program provides an innovative and dynamic opportunity for graduate students and teacher partners to collaborate on the development of novel, rigorous and relevant material for K-12 mathematics courses.

Goals and Outcomes

G-TEAMS funds one-year partnerships between fellows and teachers, each sharing different perspectives and expertise. A central theme of the program is to promote the understanding of mathematical concepts and their applications to practical and realistic settings, by means of a variety of resources, such as simulations, modeling, and hands-on and problem-solving activities.

G-TEAMS fellows learn how to communicate mathematical ideas to diverse audiences and to incorporate their research into K-12 learning; they become familiar with a variety of teaching techniques; and they increase their understanding of K-12 educational issues.

Teacher partners are involved in professional development workshops and appreciate how mathematical concepts may be applied to a variety of situations.

K-12 students learn about the wide variety of possibilities offered by STEM disciplines by interacting with individuals who are planning a career in the Mathematical Sciences.