Statistics and Data Science 363

Introduction to Statistical Methods

Fall 2018

Checkpoint & Worksheet Guidelines Page




Checkpoint exercises should provide a clear indication of your though process. Thus, the checkpoints should show

·      The necessary calculation or computer commands to reach your answer

·      Display of graphs that are requested in the exercise.

Because checkpoints are graded based on effort, you are free to ask questions that will show that you have considered the issues in the exercise.


On the top of page one place

·      your name,

·      course name,

·       date,

·       worksheet name, and

·      worksheet number

The homework should be

·      neat and professional,

·      written on 8.5x11 inch white paper, lined or engineering paper,

·      either typed, or printed legibly using either a pencil or blue or black ink,

·      stapled, and

·      in the order the problems are given.

The problems must be written on your homework directly before your solutions. You do not need to write the problems out word for word, but it should be clear enough so that someone can understand what is being solved for without having to refer to the worksheet.

Your solutions should clearly indicate your reasoning process. Explain why you are performing a calculation. Display any visual summaries (e.g., histograms, boxplots, scatterplots) of the data you make. Display your computer commands and describe what the commands are meant to accomplish.