Mathematics 363

Introduction to Statistical Methods

 Spring 2018

Course Project


The course will include a short project. The project will be completed in pairs.


The project will have three due dates

_      March 1 – Prepare a 1-page proposal. This page will have the title of the project and the participants. It consists of a description of the project and the nature of the data. In addition, the proposal will include an expert who will help with the project. This expert can be the course instructor.

_      April 17 – Submit a 3-page preliminary report. This report will have a more complete background to the project, a presentation on relevant summaries of the data, and some inferential question – estimates or hypotheses – that will be included in the final report. We will also have a 7 minute in class presentation in the last week of class.

_      May 11 – Submit a 5-page final report. The final report will do necessary editing to the preliminary report, add the analysis of the inferential questions and prepare a discussion of summary. You can keep to a simple outline – Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, and Discussion.


Writing Lab Reports from Stat Labs: Mathematical Statistics Through Applications by Terrence Speed and Deborah Nolan is a good guide.


Recent project topics


_      The impact of poor sleep patterns for development in Down’s syndrome infants

_      Insulin injection protocols and control of blood sugar levels (applied to the student himself!)

_      Changes of erosion patterns due to climate change

_      Carbon sequestering in the Upper Midwestern United States forests

_      The impact of sleep for cigarette smokers

_      Stock market volatility in Western and emerging markets

_      Calibration of an infrared detector to be placed in Antarctica

_      Leaf transpiration in arid lands

_      Antibiotic resistance of bacteria

_      Performance on standardized test of schools in low socioeconomic communities

_      The correlation of measures of happiness and economic indicators

_      Analysis of the short stories of Edgar Allen Poe

_      Impact of Family Medical Leave on the behavior of new parents

_      Carbon impact of diets


You are encouraged to double dip, bring projects from their labs, enhance your honor’s thesis or your senior design project.






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