Homework and Make-up Exam Policy

Homework Policy

PURPOSE. The homework policy described below is based on the assumptions that homework assignments are primarily a learning tool, not a grading tool, and that the purpose of homework is threefold:
  1. Homework is to give you practice in explaining the concepts and using the techniques you learn in the course;
  2. Homework is to allow me to see how you are doing and to try to correct errors you are making;
  3. Homework is to give you a chance to see the errors you are making and to correct them.
HOW TO TURN IN. Homework should be neat and legible; always show your work.
Unless otherwise indicated, assigned homework is due at the end of class on the date it is due. (See information below on late homework.)
Homework (and all other work of more than one page) should be stapled.
Unstapled papers may, once in a while, be accepted. But at any time I might not accept or grade unstapled papers.
POINTS. Some or all of the homework problems on each assignment will be graded, and at the end of the semester, your overall homework  will count as your homework grade.

LATE HOMEWORK. Homework that is turned in after the beginning of class will be accepted and graded at the discretion of the instructor. Late homework may be turned in to the Math Office, Room 108 in the Math Building. If accepted, homework turned in ...

  • late on the day homework is due may receive a late penalty of up to 10%;
  • the day after it is due may receive a late penalty of up to 25%; 
  • After this, homework will not be accepted. This policy applies regardless of the reason for the homework being late.

  • Late homework, if accepted,

  • will probably not be graded as promptly as homework turned in on time;
  • may be "corrected" without any scores;
  • may not be graded at all;
  • has a chance of being lost.

  • A general rule is that homework which is too late to be graded with the rest of the homework will not be graded. Homework turned in before this is, as stated earlier, accepted and graded at the discretion of the instructor.)