Math 511B - Algebra

Spring 2016 - Section 1
Schedule: TTh 12.30 pm - 13.45 pm , MATH 501. Instructor: K. Lux

Graduate TA: Dan Rossi, Office: MATH 513. Review session: t.b.a.

Text: We will use the paperback edition of Larry C. Grove's book "Algebra" published by Dover. You can download an errata list (prepared by Larry Grove). Moreover, we will also use the computer algebra system GAP and students are required to download and install a copy of GAP on a computer of their choosing.

This semester of this one year long course we will cover the rest of Chapter 3 and Chapters 4, 5.

Exams and Presentations: There will be one midterm exam and a final exam. The midterm exam will be worth 100 points and the final exam will be worth 200 points. There also will be 25 minute student presentations at the end of the semester worth 100 points. The topics of these presentations will be chosen at the beginning of the semester and the presentations should be prepared in pairs.

The midterm will be Thursday, the 24th of March, and the University has scheduled the final exam for Wednesday, May 11, from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, Math 501.

Homework: Homework will be assigned regularly. Selected homework in Tex-form (!) will be graded and a final score equivalent to one test, 100 points, will be assigned.

Grades: The total number of points available on exams and homework is 500.

The point cutoffs for grades will be no higher than those set forth in the following table

450 points (90%) for A

400 points (80%) for B

350 points (70%) for C

300 points (60%) for D

1. Homework: Problems 14, 19,21 , 22, page 120, in Grove's book. Also complete the proof c implies a in Theorem 3.4. Due date: Tuesday, the 9th of February, in class.

K. Lux / Department of Mathematics / University of Arizona / last revised 10th of January 2016.