Math 517B - Group Theory II

Spring 2015 - Section 1
Schedule: TTh 11 AM to 12.15 PM MATH EAST 246. Instructor: K. Lux


We will study the (Brauer) modular character theory of finite groups. Our guideline will be the last chapter in the book ''Character Theory of Finite Groups'' by M. Isaacs.

More expanded versions of the material covered in class can be found in the book ''Characters and Blocks of Finite Groups'' by G. Navarro and the book ''Lectures on Character Theory'' by D. Goldschmidt.

Since we will also put some emphasis on computational techniques, we will partially follow the book Representation Theory of Finite Groups by K. Lux and H. Pahlings for that topic. PDF versions of the computational aspects covered will be available. Moreover, we might also use the unpublished manusscript Computational Modular Character Theory by G. Hiss, C. Jansen, K. Lux, and R. Parker. Finally, we will use the computer algebra system GAP to get hands-on experience with the computational techniques outlined in class.

K. Lux / Department of Mathematics / University of Arizona / last revised 19th of January 2015