Math 517B - Group Theory II

Spring 2019 - Section 1
Schedule: Mo 2 PM to 3 PM and Fr 1.30 pm to 3 PM ENR2 S395. (except 25th of January an 1st of February, on thise 2 days we meet from 11 AM to 12.15 PM). Instructor: K. Lux

Main Texts: L. Grove, "Groups and Characters" , Lux, Pahlings, "Representation Theory of Finite Groups (a computational approach)".

In the second semester of this one year long course,, we will study the algorithmic aspects in group and representation theory. The relevant chapters of Lux, Pahlings "representation theory of finite groups" will be made available in the form of pdf files free of charge. Moreover, we might also use the unpublished manusscript Computational Modular Character Theory by G. Hiss, C. Jansen, K. Lux, and R. Parker. Finally, we will use the computer algebra system GAP to get hands-on experience with the computational techniques outlined in class.

K. Lux / Department of Mathematics / University of Arizona / last revised 2nd of January 2019