This is a new, enhanced version of the MeatAxe 2.4 program mkhom, which calculates homomorphisms and endomorphisms of modules. If you want to use the new version: Replace the original source in your MeatAxe 2.4 source directory with the download and recompile.

Download the new version of mkhom.

Here are some test files that document the performance of the new version. You can find a table with timings on the last page of the paper "computing homomorphism spaces between modules of finite dimensional algebras" by K.Lux and M.Szoeke.

In case you want to do your own timings, proceed as follows:

Download example files, say cF2J1d93.mtx and cF2J1d93.magma, listed in the table below. These files are gzipped tar files. Once untarred and unzipped they represent input data for both the Meataxe 2.4 and MAGMA. The untar will create subdirectories called cF2J1d93/mtx and cF2J1d93/magma containing the input files.

If you want to time the homomorphism function in MAGMA, go to the subdirectory called cF2J1d93/magma. You will find a file called cF2J1d93.magma. Just execute magma < cF2J1d93.magma.

In case you want to time the MeatAxe: go to the subdirectory called cF2J1d93/mtx. In there you will find a shell script called run. All you have to do is execute run. It will put all the temporary data into a subdirectory called temp, which will be removed after completion of the run. In case you want to keep the output of the run, make a copy of the shell script run, delete the last line, and run the copy.

The timings in the paper mentioned above have been performed on a linux machine with a 400 MHz INTEL Pentium II and a Gigabyte of memory. Note that the calculation for cF25HNd1564 could not be completed using MAGMA with the given amount of memory.

cF2J1d93mtx cF2J1d93magma
cF4J1d93mtx cF4J1d93magma
cF2J2d252mtx cF2J2d252magma
cF2M11d167d201mtx cF2M11d167d201magma
cF3M23d344mtx cF3M23d344magma
F3GL43d1596d361mtx F3GL43d1596d361magma
F3GL43d361d336mtx F3GL43d361d336magma
cF3HSd683mtx cF3HSd683magma
cF3HSd683d775mtx cF3HSd683d775magma
cF25HNd800mtx cF25HNd800magma
cF25HNd1564mtx cF25HNd1564magma

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