Students are expected to read the textbook. The sooner you get the book, the more time you will have to familiarize yourself with its approach and style. Our textbooks will make you think. If you expect to see an example followed by many problems exactly like it, you may be disappointed. Our approach to calculus is problem solving.

Calculus I covers chapters 1 through 6 and section 7.1 in the 4th edition of Calculus by Hughes-Hallett, Gleason, McCallum, et al. published by Wiley. Calculus II covers chapters 7 through 11 of the same text. Calculus III (Vector Calculus) uses the 4th edition of Multivariable Calculus by McCallum, Highes-Hallett, Gleason, et al. also published by Wiley. The texts are also available in on-line versions (including support materials) through the publisher. The package is called WileyPlus. A computer grading program called WebAssign might also be required to submit homework.
Pre-calculus Review
Students usually think of pre-calculus as the prerequisite of calculus I. In fact, these skills are essential to success in all levels of calculus and differential equations. You will find a review of pre-calculus material along with diagnostic quizzes at this site. Students in calculus I (Math 124) will take an exam covering this material near the beginning of the semester.
Pre-Calculus review
Trig Identities
Derivative Review
If you want to be ready for calculus II (Math 129) you should review differentiation skills. Math 129 requires a significant amount of algebraic and trigonometric manipulation in the beginning of the course. Reviewing pre-calculus (see above) and differentiation before classes start can make a great difference in that first week. Some instructors give a prerequisite quiz at the beginning of the semester.
Derivative Practice and Answers
Derivative rules
Integration Review
If you want to be ready for calculus III (Math 223) or differential equations (Math 254) you should review integration skills. Both courses require strong integration skills. All students in Math 223 take a derivative/integral exam during the first week of classes.
Integration Practice and Answers
Integral Table
Handouts and activities
Many instructors use handouts or worksheets in class. You will find some sheets that are commonly used at these sites. You'll also find a reference sheet for tutoring services and resources throughout campus.
Calculus I Worksheets
Calculus II Worksheets
Calculator Programs
Many courses require basic programs as either learning tools or to supplement the built-in features of the graphing calculators. This site provides the programs typically used in calculus and differential equations.
Calculator Programs