New trends in Nonlinear Analysis
October 26-28, 2007

sponsored by the research groups in Nonlinear Waves and Analysis and its Applications

Fish and AnemonesThese are exciting times for mathematics (and mathematicians!). The modern mathematician learns to use a wide variety of tools, including rigorous analysis, modeling, simulation and even experiments. These tools are then brought to bear on a wide range of complex and inter-disciplinary problems. This is particularly true for the field of Nonlinear Analysis, one of the historical strengths of the Mathematics department at the University of Arizona.

The goal of this conference is to present the excitement of current mathematical research in Nonlinear Analysis at the University of Arizona in a way that is accessible to the intellectually curious undergraduate. If you are a student of broad mathematical interests and talents, who is also interested in the relevance of mathematics for even broader scientific pursuits, you are strongly encouraged to apply.

The conference will be held in part at the unique facilities of Biosphere 2, and in part at the University of Arizona. The conference activities activities will include lectures about current research, lab visits, poster presentation and informal roundtable discussions.

The research groups in Nonlinear Waves and Analysis and its Applications have provided funding to cover the travel and local expenses for the selected applicants. We also gratefully acknowledge the support of Biosphere 2 in making this conference possible.

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