SWRIMS Special Event
Department of Mathematics
The University of Arizona

NSA Visit

Tuesday, 24 March 1998, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Kiva Auditorium

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The National Security Agency, part of the United States government, provides codes for use by this country and studies codes used by other countries. They are this country's largest employer of mathematicians. (Learn more about them at www.nsa.gov .)

Two NSA employees will give talks geared towards a high school audience. You'll have an opportunity to ask questions.

Note to high school teachers: There have been two important changes since the time we sent the letter announcing the NSA visit.

To register, we need the following information:

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Event capacity: 198         Seats available: 9

Registered to attend:

Patricia Deeren [Teacher]
Cal Stanley [Teacher]
George Murray [Teacher]
80 students
Cholla High School (Tucson)
Christopher Yetman [Teacher]
30 students
Canyon del Oro High School (Tucson)
Ron Hopley [Teacher]
26 students
Tucson High School (Tucson)
Gregory Moore [Teacher]
11 students
Green Fields Country Day School (Tucson)
Denise Garcia [Teacher]
35 students
Douglas High School (Douglas)

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