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Fall 2002


This is a one-semester graduate course that focuses on geometric (`vector') graphics and geometric modeling, rather than on bitmap (`raster') graphics, or graphics programming. It does not overlap with CSc 433/533. In particular, it does not cover OpenGL programming. But it does cover the vector graphics support in several programming and CAD-related environments, such as the Postscript programming language and the new XML-based SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format.

Prerequisites: CSc 352, and also Math 215, Math 322, or Math 410. Together these ensure a good basic knowledge of programming environments and linear algebra. Rudimentary knowledge of calculus will be assumed too, but linear algebra will play a more important role.

Recommended Texts: I typically select topics from two texts, which are recommended rather than required. One is David Salomon's Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling (Springer, 1999). For supplementary information on projective geometry, I use Gerald Farin's classic book, Curves and Surfaces for Computer-Aided Geometric Design (Academic, 4th edition, 1996). Prof. Farin is a faculty member in the ASU Computer Science Department.


Also, the vector graphics support in several programming and CAD environments, including:

Grading Policy: The course grade will be based on the completion of several math-related assignments, and either a comprehensive final exam or a term project, which, unlike the assignments, may be programming-related.

Sample Midterm: A sample midterm is available for viewing.

Auditing: This course is available for audit, but you must register in order to attend.

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