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Undergraduate Special Topics Courses

Planned for Spring 2017:  

MATH 496T-001 - Computability/Recursion theory taught by Jason Aubrey

Prerequisites:  This course is a natural successor to MATH 402 (Mathematical Logic). Students will need the same background as required for 402 (but not need 402 itself).

Course objectives:  Students will be introduced to the theory of recursive functions and its connections to other areas of mathematics. In addition to standard introductory computability theory, the course will also consider more advanced topics such as degree structures, forcing, priority methods, determinacy, and complexity theory as time permits.


MATH 496T-002 - Financial Mathematics taught by Bruce Bayly

Prerequisites:  linear algebra (MATH 310 or MATH 313) and differential equations (MATH 254 or MATH 355).

Course objectives:  This course is intended to help prepare students for the FM Actuarial exam.  Additional information coming soon!




Spring 2016:  MATH 399 - Mathematical Computing taught by Tyler Kloefkorn and Joshua Lioi; course policy (Chapters 1 - 12 covered).


Identifying Special Topics courses

Beginning with the 2016-17 academic year, undergraduate Special Topics courses in Mathematics are designated MATH 396T or 496T, depending on the level of the course.  Either course can be used toward upper-division unit requirements in the math minor.  MATH 496T can be used as the fifth 400-level MATH course in math major emphases that have a flexible course, pending faculty advisor approval.

The Math Department will try to run one undergraduate Special Topics course per year, in the Spring. If there is sufficient student demand for the course (12 or more undergraduates), and the department has the resources to cover all its other teaching obligations, the course will be scheduled. Otherwise the course will be cancelled.

Looking for information about graduate-level Special Topics courses?  See the Graduate Program page.




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