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Calculus I (Math 125)
Spring 2018

Sections and Instructors
Section information and links to instructor class webpages are found here.
Math 125
Math 125 covers chapters 1 - 6 and section 7.1 of Calculus, Single Variable; 6th edition; Hughes-Hallett, et al.; Wiley.
The Textbook and WebAssign access for homework are being delivered digitally via D2L through the Inclusive Access program. You automatically have access to the course materials FREE through January 24, 2018. You must take action (even if you havenít accessed the materials) to opt-out if you do not wish to pay for the materials, and choose to source the content independently. The deadline to opt-out for courses beginning January 10th is 9:00pm MST, January 24, 2018. If you do not opt-out and choose to retain your access, the cost of the digital course materials will appear on your Bursar account during the February billing cycle. Please refer to the Inclusive Access FAQs at for additional information.
A graphing calculator is required for Math 125. We recommend any model in the TI-83 or TI-84 series. Models that can perform symbolic calculations (also known as CAS) are NOT allowed on exams and quizzes. CAS models include (but are not limited to) the TI-89,TI NSpire CAS, HP 50g, and Casio Classpad 330. For more information about models, see . Students are not allowed to share calculators during exams and quizzes.
Suggested Calendars
These calendars are to be used as guidelines. Individual course sections of Math 125 may deviate from the suggested calendar. Be sure to check with your instructor. The course policy here is only the portion common to all sections. Please read your instructor's section policy for more details.
Math 125 - MWF
Math 125 - TR
Common Course Policy
Math 125 uses a computer grading program called WebAssign for textbook assignments. Logging into WebAssign can only be done through the WebAssign Login link in your Math 125 D2L site.
Additional homework and/or quizzes may be assigned by instructors. Be sure to check with your instructor.
Things to Know About WebAssign at the UA
Written Homework
Common Final Exam Information
A common comprehensive final exam is given in all sections of Math 125 on Tuesday, May 8 from 1:00 - 3:00 pm.

Final Exam Information Spring 2018
Final Exam Locations
Final Exam Study Guide, Answers Spring 2018
More Practice, Answers
Resource Material
Information about tutoring and review of preprequisite material. Worksheets and formula sheets are also available.
University Tutoring (ThinkTank)
Textbook information
Calculus at the UA
Tools For Success
Maximimze Success
Precalculus Review (University of MI)
Trig Formulas
Derivative Rules
Integral Rules
Area Formulas
Geometry Formulas
Other Links
Calculus Videos (Khan Academy)
On-line Graphing Tool
On-line Calculator
Calculus Tool (NCTM Resources)
Numerical Integration Utility (Stefan Waner)
Calculator Programs