Mathematics 596a

Biomathematics Seminar

Fall 2010

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The Biomathematics Seminar is a central activity of the National Institutes of Health training grant - "Computational and Mathematical Modeling of Biomedical Systems." This grant will provide fellowships for students working at the interface of mathematics and the biological and biomedical sciences and will create a campus-wide community of faculty and students working on problems in quantitative biology. As a consequence, the seminar is open to all graduate students as a course and individuals seminars are open to the University of Arizona community.


Day to Day Operations.

For the Fall Semester of 2010 the Biomathematics Seminar will consist of three minicourses.



Minicourse Topic

Main Presenter

Protein Structure Prediction

Matthew Cordes

Signal Transduction

Ryan Gutenkunst

Stem Cells

Michael Tabor


Each participant in the seminar will choose one of the three topics as a focus topic. The minicourse “teams” formed by this choice will coordinate with the course instructor and them minicourse instructor the preparatory reading, the presentation of the introductory lecture, the follow-up discussion, and prepare a five page report


The course convenes each Tuesday at 5:00 PM in room 402 of the Mathematics Building. If you need to contact me, write me electronically at, call me at 621-5245, or drop by my office Math 520.


Evaluation of Students.

We will evaluate your work via class participation, presentations and report.


Best wishes to you for a good semester in this course and in all your other activities.



Joe Watkins