Variant Stream

A week long school aimed at junior researchers

An impressive number of analytic techniques were discovered in attempts to address questions motivated by the investigation of specific physical models. Mathematical physics is an active area of research which continues in this tradition. It combines the tools of mathematical analysis and intrigue of certain physical phenomena. Rigorously analyzing such questions demands exposure to a variety of mathematical topics, e.g. functional analysis, spectral theory, probability, and PDEs to name a few, as well as a healthy dose of physical intuition. For this reason, students are often overwhelmed or intimidated by the prospect of working in this area.

This school will offer mini-courses designed to rigorously develop important analytic techniques, within the context of certain interesting applications, and illustrate how theory is used in problem solving. The mini-courses will be self-contained, accessible to graduate students and describe active areas of current research. There will also be regular seminars by senior participants on topics that are related to the main lectures. Finally, a significant amount of time will be reserved for short research presentations by junior participants.

This school will take place on campus at the University of Arizona March 12--16, 2012.


This school should be especially interesting for mathematicians at the beginning of their career, PhD students or recent postdocs, but everyone is welcome. We now anticipate funding from the NSF to support travel costs (from the US) and local costs for young participants; and local costs for more senior participants.

Applications from young participants: Please write to either of the organizers with a short description of your current research interests, career stage, and motivation for attending the school. Ask your advisor or another senior reference to send a brief letter of recommendation to the organizers. Notice that we cannot support people who are already supported by the NSF.

Applications from more senior participants: Please write to either of the organizers.

We strongly encourage applications from women and individuals from underrepresented groups.

Deadline for applications: January 15, 2012. It is possible to register later, but financial support may no longer be available.

Organizing Committee:

Robert Sims (University of Arizona)

Günter Stolz (University of Alabama, Birmingham)


We are happy to acknowledge that this school has been supported by the NSF through a grant: DMS-1162637. In addition, we received a generous donation from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Arizona.