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April 19, 1999

Math Awareness Month 1999

Online Exhibits

drift worm Worm Evolution
Visualize long-term evolution at the molecular level and learn more about genetics math while you're at it! This interactive tutorial explores the mathematics of inheritance and the "randomness" of random numbers.
Hosted by The Biology Project
map Population Dynamics
Though subject to wide fluctuations in population, the hardy snowshoe hares of Canada still manage to survive. How can their complex interactions with their environment and their predators lead to something as predictable as the earth's own rotation? Find out here.
heart Mathematics and Blood Flow
Learn the basics of blood flow math, and manipulate equations for flow rate in an interactive quiz!
map Moth Math: Olfactory Cell Models in Manduca sexta
In hopes of better understanding just how our own sense of smell works, researchers at the U of A have developed a mathematical model for potassium ion uptake based on the glomeruli of the Manduca moth.
volumetric graph Poiseuille's Law: Resistance and Radius
How hard does your heart actually have to work? Explore the world of blood flow dynamics and find out just how much calculus your heart really knows.
dosage math Pharmacokinetics and Dosage Math
Have you ever wondered why the pill bottles say "Take 2 tablets with food every 6 hours?" How much and how often -- these are the questions that pharmacokinetics answers. From aspirin to alcohol, learn how the body responds to pharmaceuticals.
gerbils Gerbils and the IFD
What is "Ideal Free Distribution," and why does your checkout line at the grocery store always take the longest? Find the answers to these questions and more at Brian McGill's homepage. Requires browser versions 4.x and up
maw98 MAM 99 Theme Essay: Mathematics In The Heart
Our lives depend on it, but how does it work? Mathematics helps us understand better this most essential organ, the heart. Read Dr. James Keener's essay and others like it at the Official Math Awareness web site, hosted by the Swarthmore Math Forum.

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