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Last update:
April 19, 1999

Math Awareness Month 1999
Mathematics and Biology

blood flow diagram
Signal propagation through cardiac tissue
Image courtesy of James P. Keener (University of Utah) and A.V. Panfilov (University of Utrecht, Netherlands).

To visualize the invisible, to categorize the chaotic: these are the goals of the mathematician/biologist. In a field that grows exponentially more complex at both its micro- and macroscopic levels, now more than ever, Biologists need Math!

Gubernatorial recognition!
The 1999 Math Awareness theme, "Mathematics and Biology," shines the spotlight on a symbiotic relationship that fuels the fires of progress and lights the pathways of innovation.

The image above is a visualization of a mathematical model that helps us "see" how the heart is excited. Such models arise when mathematics is used (as no other science can be) to depict physical processes or activity. This particular model demonstrates normal electrical activity in the heart and helps researchers understand more about fatal heart attacks.

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