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Math Awareness Month 1999

Mathematics and Blood Flow

The heart together with all the blood vessels make up the cardiovascular system. This system is responsible for supplying every last cell in our bodies with oxygen, as well as removing waste products.

The system is also responsive, shifting the quantity of blood flow into those areas which need it most - muscles for the exercising athlete, brain for the puzzled scientist, stomach for all of us after dinner. The heart can also adjust how much blood it pumps per minute - certainly you need more oxygen to run a mile than to take a nice nap!

In the pages that follow you will find some of the mathematics which describes the behavior of the blood coursing through all of us. Use the subject headings below to visit any page of the exhibit, or travel sequentially through the site with the "next" and "previous" buttons.

page 2   The Heart
page 3   The Circulatory System
page 4   Pressure and blood flow (Quiz!)
page 5   Measuring blood pressure from the outside
page 6   Effects of exercise (Quiz!)
page 7   Heart rate in different animals
page 8   Periodic functions and blood flow

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