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Duncan_Buell_preferredEIM Kick-off SeasonThe annual Duncan Buell Everything is Mathematics Lecture Series gives the Tucson community a window into the mathematical research our UA faculty do here in Tucson.

The lecture series is made possible in part by a generous endowment by UA mathematics alumnus Duncan Buell, now professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of South Carolina.

Buell, a public intellectual himself, believes in the value of raising public awareness about the relevance, beauty, and applicability of mathematics, in its many forms.

Buell's commitment to benefitting the larger good is widespread. For example, his work on electronic voting served to keep wait times below goal in the 2016 national election in Maricopa County, AZ.  


Fall 2017 Kick-off Lectures

Oct/Nov        Maynards Drawing Room   •    400 N. Toole Ave., Tucson, Arizona

Matti Morzfeld

Probably Not: Using Mathematics, Statistics and Computers to Predict the Future

October 18, 6:30pm • Matti Morzfeld

STREAM the Lecture (link)
• See Matti's research in the news (link)


Janek Wehr

Mathematics of Cooperation: Sending Swarming Microbots in a Search & Rescue Mission

November 15, 6:30pm • Janek Wehr

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• See Janek's research in local (link) and national news (link)




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