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Making Paper Wings: Adventures in Math from a Children's Book

Making Paper Wings: Adventures in Math from a Children's Book

Series: Mathematics Instruction Colloquium
Location: Math 501
Presenter: Susan Lowell, Tucson author

In Susan Lowell's recent fantasy novel, The Boy with Paper Wings, a boy named Paul saves himself from the gruesome monster KRON and an evil army of Braindrainers by creating paper airplanes, an origami boat, a helicopter, a Mobius strip, and a set of geometric figures. Based on her experiences in presenting the story to young audiences, Susan Lowell (also author of The Three Little Javelinas, The Tortoise and the Jackrabbit, and I am Lavina Cumming) will discuss ways in which Paul's fictional adventures can lead to fun, fantasy, and flight in the elementary and middle school classroom. With a few pieces of scrap paper and a few scientific principles, she will also show how to add new and entertaining dimensions to the math and science curriculum by integrating it with reading.

Refreshments will be served beforehand in Math 501.

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