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Undergraduate Program Requirements

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Undergraduate Majors in the Mathematical Sciences

The mathematics department offers degrees in two different majors: Mathematics and Statistics & Data Science (SDS). Our programs allow the student to choose a major and emphasis that best suit the individual's talents, interests, and career goals. A student may prepare for a variety of careers by selecting the appropriate degree, major, emphasis, and minor. Students choosing a mathematics or SDS major can take advantage of the full range of mathematical resources available on campus.

The University offers two different degrees in mathematics or SDS:

Minors in the Mathematical Sciences

The University of Arizona Mathematics Department offers three different minors:

Declare a minor in the mathematical sciences. 

Each requires at least 18 units of coursework in the mathematical sciences (a minimum of 3 units must be taken at UA, and at least 6 units must come from specified upper-division offerings in the math department). Keep in mind that students majoring in mathematics may not declare the mathematics minor within the same degree program. It must be in a separate degree. The same applies to SDS majors and the SDS minor. Double-dipping rules apply.


Accelerated MS in Statistics & Data Science

Students pursuing an SDS major or a mathematics major with either the Probability & Statistics or General/Applied emphasis may be interested in applying for the Accelerated Master's Program (AMP) in Statistics & Data Science.

Students who are accepted into the AMP will begin taking 500-level courses required in the SDS M.S. degree during their final year of the undergraduate degree; these courses may also be applied to the undergraduate major requirements. After completion of the undergraduate degree requirements, one additional year of graduate work is needed to finish the Master's degree.

The Accelerated Master's Program requirements and admissions criteria are set by the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Statistics & Data Science.  Click the link above for more information about requirements, eligibility, and to submit questions to the SDS program coordinator.


Departmental Double Dipping Policies

In choosing your combination of majors and minors, keep in mind the following restrictions on double-dipping within the Mathematics Department's programs: