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Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship (UTA) Programs

Math 100 UTA ProgramUTA Program for Math/Stat Majors

Math 100 UTA Program

The Math 100 UTA (Undergraduate Teaching Assistant) program serves our Math 100 courses. These courses have a combination of on-line and in-person instruction. UTAs, Undergraduate Teaching Assistants, are given a cohort of students to track through an on-line learning tool called ALEKS. Duties include grading, setting daily and weekly goals for students, in-person and on-line tutoring, and consistent communication with students and the instructional team.  Math 100 UTAs will gain experience in teaching and tutoring, as well as develop their technology skills in our online hybrid environment.

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UTA Program for Math and Stat Majors (Calculus I and above)

The UTA (Undergraduate Teaching Assistant) Program for Math and Stat Majors provides our undergraduate majors with the opportunity to learn about teaching mathematics or statistics by working with an instructor of an undergraduate course and meeting regularly as a group with a mentor. Duties include participating in the weekly UTA seminar, running review sessions, grading, holding office hours, possible classroom demonstrations, and a few hours a week of tutoring.

UTA Program applicants should have completed the calculus sequence, Math 122A/B or 125 and Math 129, or an equivalent set of courses, with a grade of B or better. In addition, applicants should be taking or have taken Math 223. 

For a participant's perspective on this program, check out the testimonials or the final reports from past UTAs.

Duties of the participants in the UTA Program include:

Credit and pay

Beginning in Fall 2017, all undergraduate teaching assistants now will participate in the program for a mixture of credit and pay.


The application deadline for the Fall 2024 UTA program is 11:59pm, April 28, 2024. Please see the application page for more details. Contact Dr. Shay Gilpin or Dr. Zhengning Hu if you have any questions.  


Shay Gilpin

Shay Gilpin

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Zhengning Hu

Zhengning Hu

Postdoctoral Research Associate I
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